Best Way To Take CBG

What is the Best Way To Take CBG?

After spending time researching which cannabinoid is best for your needs, you have decided that the best one for you is CBG. Now, you are asking yourself, what is the best way to consume CBG?

Here is a simple truth (although it may be inconvenient): CBG may be (IS) chock-full of benefits. However, not all delivery methods are created equal.

This means that the way you take CBG can either make or break the results you get from this special compound.

So, what is the best way to take CBG?

Although there are many different methods, many would argue that CBG oil or tincture is probably the best way. For that reason, in this article, to help you understand why we say CBG oil is the best way to go, we will discuss:

  • CBG 101
  • CBG: Fat-soluble?
  • Biohacking CBG absorption
  • How to dose your CBG oil/tincture

CBG 101 – Why CBG oil and Best Way To Take CBG?

Best Way To Take CBG

CBG is known as “the mother cannabinoid” because it’s where all other cannabinoids come from.

It’s true, regardless of whether we’re talking about THC, THCV, CBD, CBDV, CBN, or CBC. They all originally come from CBG.

This inevitably means that CBG and other cannabinoids have plenty of similarities. Just looking at both CBD and CBG, we note that they are both non-psychoactive, which means they provide physical and mental benefits without getting you “high.”

At the same time, both CBG and CBD may help balance your body’s built-in endocannabinoid system.

CBG: Fat-soluble?

Another thing CBG and other cannabinoids have in common is that every known cannabinoid is fat-soluble, which means that they can readily dissolve in oil or fat.

This means that CBG is traditionally best taken in any one of the following three ways:

  • In the form of an oil/tincture that contains a carrier oil;
  • In the form of a vape pen that contains MCT oil;
  • Alongside a fatty meal.

While all these methods are viable, the first one — taking CBG via oil/tincture — edges out the rest. Here’s why:

Biohacking CBG absorption

It’s well-known among doctors, biochemists, and other industry experts that cannabinoids are powerful therapeutic substances.

In fact, cannabinoids only have one real downside: their bioavailability. Studies have rightly described CBD’s absorption rate as “very low.” For example, ingesting a CBD-infused edible, your body might only ingest 5%-10% of its CBD content. The rest will be converted by liver enzymes into less powerful metabolites before your body even gets the chance to use it.

CBG’s bioavailability is similarly challenging. The easiest way to bypass this liver breakdown is by injecting a CBG solution directly into the bloodstream, but this type of IV treatment wouldn’t be all that practical.

The next best way to boost your CBG’s absorption rates is by taking it sublingually.

Holding CBG oil sublingually (i.e., under your tongue) allows some of it to be absorbed by the mouth’s mucus membranes and pass directly into the bloodstream. This CBG “shortcut” boosts the compound’s bioavailability by up to 20%-30%.

Taking CBG as a sublingual is the surest, best proven way to ensure that the CBG you ingest is actually put to good use.  Plus, doing so is simple; just hold your favorite CBD oil/tincture under your tongue for up to a minute before fully ingesting.

How to dose your CBG oil/tincture

Best Way To Take CBG

Now that you know how to make the CBG you ingest more effective, it’s time to learn how to determine how much to take.

Most people do best with a starting dose of 5-10 milligrams a day. Some of CBG’s benefits kick in quickly enough that you can dose the cannabinoid “by feel,” while other benefits, like CBG’s gut-health-specific ones, may take a little longer to notice.

Once you’re taking this starter-strength dose consistently, you can simply titrate up by 5-10 milligrams a week until you’re fully happy with how you’re feeling. Many people find they’re taking 20-50 milligrams a day by the time they reach this point.

Once a more balanced mental and physical state is achieved, take a little time to celebrate. Then, titrate back down, even more slowly than you titrated up, to find your MED or minimum effective dose.

More than a few cannabis/hemp experts believe the benefits we’ve mentioned here are just the start. Science is continuing to uncover CBG’s new qualities with each passing day. 

Summing up

In conclusion, after choosing your preferred cannabinoid, we still highly recommended CBG. You must decide which method for consuming your CBG product is best for you.

We once again recommend taking it as an oil or tincture. The reasons are CBG’s bioavailability as well as the fact that it easily dissolves in oil or fat. CBG oil allows 20% to 30% of ingestion, whereas other methods may only account for 5% to 10%.
Lastly, you were able to discover the recommended dose of your CBG oil and tincture product with ease.

All that is left is to order your next CBG product!

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