CBG: The Mother of all Cannabinoids

CBG The Mother of all Cannabinoids

Why CBG is the Mother of All Cannabinoids? With the growing popularity of cannabinoids, it is important to note that none are quite like cannabingerol, which is more informally known as “CBG.” This unique cannabinoid is quickly coming into the spotlight.  But what makes CBG so special? It’s possible that it’s special because of all […]

What is the Best Way To Take CBG?

Best Way To Take CBG

After spending time researching which cannabinoid is best for your needs, you have decided that the best one for you is CBG. Now, you are asking yourself, what is the best way to consume CBG? Here is a simple truth (although it may be inconvenient): CBG may be (IS) chock-full of benefits. However, not all […]

CBG Oil Uses and Benefits

cbg oil uses

Cannabinoid research has come a long way in the past couple of years. What started with a trickle of inconsistent research has evolved into a wave of one scientific finding after another. Additionally, with more and more research taking place, the more benefits and uses we will find on CBG going forward. In this article, […]

CBG 101 – A Guide on CBG Oil and It’s Benefits

cbg oil 1

Cannabigerol, better known as CBG, is the hottest and newly popular cannabinoid that is shaking up the wellness world with its uniquely beneficial effects. But what exactly is CBG? Join us as we explore what CBG is, what it does, and what makes it so special. In this article, we will cover the following points: […]


cbd vs cbg

If you think about it, CBD and CBG have a lot in common. Both are cannabinoids, both possess significant health benefits, and both have experienced surging popularity recently. Some even find these cannabinoids to have similar-sounding names. But just because they have similarities doesn’t mean there aren’t major differences you should know about, such as […]