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CBG 101 – A Guide on CBG Oil and It’s Benefits

Cannabigerol, better known as CBG, is the hottest and newly popular cannabinoid that is shaking up the wellness world with its uniquely beneficial effects.

But what exactly is CBG? Join us as we explore what CBG is, what it does, and what makes it so special. In this article, we will cover the following points:

  • What is CBG?
  • Where does CBG come from?
  • The interesting history of CBG
  • What does CBG do?
  • 3 Reasons why CBG has gotten so popular

What is CBG? – CBG 101

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CBG, or cannabigerol, is a compound in the cannabinoid family.

That means it comes from cannabis or, more specifically, from low-THC cannabis, a.k.a. hemp.

CBG’s chemical classification means it’s able to bind to your body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Like most other cannabinoids that begin with the letter C, CBG is completely non-psychotropic, which means it won’t induce euphoria or get you “high.”

Instead, CBG works behind the scenes to reduce inflammation, oxidation, and stress.

Where does CBG come from?

While most cannabis/hemp plants, at any level of maturation, will contain a given amount of CBG, young hemp plants are the richest CBG source.

That’s because CBG is the “mother cannabinoid” that goes on to produce CBD, THC, CBC, and everything in between. As a hemp plant matures and becomes ripe, its CBG phases into CBD and other compounds.

Here’s another potential source for CBG: Cannabinoid-specific strains bred specifically for their CBG content. These strains are still being experimented on by plant scientists. However, expect to see more of them in the near future.

The interesting history of CBG

CBG is decidedly harder to find today than it was centuries ago.

Although ancient cultures didn’t know the technical term for CBG, they were able to get their daily dose of cannabigerol in by picking—and eating—a few of the leaves off those immature hemp plants we mentioned above. It’s thought that cultures used hemp plants high in CBG content to promote gut health and ward off parasites or dysbiosis. Modern science has recently confirmed this early practice.

A study from McMaster University in Canada just found that CBG was “marvelous at tackling pathogenic bacteria.”

What does CBG do?

In addition to reducing stress, inflammation, and oxidation, here are a few more of CBG’s more technical benefits:

  • Reduced colitis-related inflammation. CBG may reduce the free radical production of stressed intestinal cells, which is why many scientists feel that it holds promise for those with IBD/IBS (irritable bowel disease).
  • Neuroprotection. One recent study demonstrated that CBG may have both anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects, which it exerts via special nuclear receptors that control how your genes get expressed. 
  • Reduced incontinence. Another study highlighting CBG’s benefits found that it might normalize bladder function enough to help patients with incontinence.
  • Relaxed muscles. CBG may also help relax your muscles, which it does by boosting levels of a neurotransmitter called “GABA.” GABA, in turn, promotes efficient muscle firing, deeper levels of relaxation, better sleep, and more.

How to take CBG (the simple way)?

The best way to get access to CBG’s many benefits can be found in the CBG oil/tincture. These products offer high absorption rates in an easy-to-use, easy-to-dose format.

CBG’s dosing requirements are roughly the same as CBD’s. In other words, if you’ve been taking 16 milligrams of CBD a day, you can simply switch over to an equal amount of CBG.

3 Reasons why CBG has gotten so popular

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1. It’s new & novel

Novelty—supplements that are new to the market draw people in. It’s easier to get excited about a brand-new supplement than something that’s been available for 20 years.

CBD went through this supplemental “honeymoon phase” in 2018 and 2019. Now, CBG is moving into the spotlight. People are rightfully excited about trying this new cannabinoid and discovering what it could do for them.

2. It promotes the entourage effect

The benefits of isolated CBG may be great, but CBG also flourishes in a bigger context. It promotes the entourage effect and helps all other cannabinoids to work better.

Taking full-spectrum CBG may be far more effective than taking CBG alone. If you’re struggling to find the right cannabinoid dose, try it.

3. It’s effective in small doses

LFinally, small doses of CBG seem to be unusually powerful. Not every cannabinoid exerts effects in the low dosing range the way CBG seems to. For example, it’s possible that CBG’s gut-health-specific benefits can be established by taking just a few milligrams a day.

Summing things up?

We hope you enjoyed learning more about this exciting Cannabinoid. It’s no secret that it’s our favourite and we

We hope you enjoyed learning more about this exciting cannabinoid. It’s no secret that it’s our favorite, and we hope you enjoy it too. For more information or to order your next Egho Biogenics Focus, Power, and Peace CBG Range, you can visit our website.

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